Wax Melts (5 pack) Pineapple

Art.No.: PF-WM-5KS-PA Product number: 698876160210
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Wax Melts (5 pack) Pineapple

Bring the romance of a tropical vacation home with the exotic fragrances of the Fiji Islands. Hand poured from the Fiji Islands these natural beeswax melts are hypo-allergenic which makes them great for people with allergies or other sensitivities. The health benefits of Beeswax candles are plentiful including; low toxicity, cleaner air, and better relaxation. Create clusters of candles for an eye-catching magical glow, place the groups throughout different areas in your home like the dining room table or in the center of your living room on a mirrored tray. They provide approximately 3 hours burning time.

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