Pure Fiji story


Having been raised in the bountiful Fiji Islands where Virgin coconut oil and exotic drift nut oils were used in abundance mother and daughter team Gaetane and Andree Austin wanted to create hand-made products using these amazing oils and began creating hand-made soaps and body oils around their kitchen table. These Pioneers in the research, packaging and use of virgin coconut oil commercially made the business grow exponentially.

From humble beginnings in the family kitchen with 5 dedicated staff wrapping hand-made soaps and bottling body oil, Pure Fiji now produces a full skin and body care line and employs over 200 people across 2 factories in Fiji’s capital, Suva.

Pure Fiji also developed a symbiotic relationship with a network of farmers and harvesters from local villages who are a part of our production process. The ability to provide jobs to the community and change lives is of the utmost importance to the company’s belief that “where there is a hand, there is a heart and soul”.

While some processes could be automated, Pure Fiji chooses to employ more people believing in the human touch. Pure Fiji is a family business and every employee is a part of our extended family.

Our mission remains - to continue to create luxury products while touching hearts, making a difference, enhancing people’s lives and promoting wellness through all that we do.



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