Balancing Toner 200ml

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Balancing Toner 200ml

A game-changing step in your skincare regimen our refreshing Balancing Toner removes final traces of makeup and impurities, while also balancing your skin's pH level, thus prepping your skin to soak up any serum or moisturizer. Skin appears supple and revitalized over time.

Key ingredients

Cucumber hydrosol - A soothing natural anti inflammatory, it cools and tones the skin, firming delicate tissue on the face, neck and decollate.

Green coconut kinetin - The endosperm of the green coconut helps prolong the youthfulness of existing cells whilst promoting growth of new cells for a uniform and youthful appearance. 

Witch Hazel - A botanical based skin refresher. It has astringent properties and makes the skin firmer. 

Passionflower - Soothes and calms skin.


  • Passionflower contains anti-inflammatory properties which act as nourishing treats for acne.
  • Cucumber hydrosol provides a soothing natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Brimming with green coconut kinetin it increases collagen production.
  • Absolutely alcohol free - perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Witch hazel effectively reduces inflammation and helps soothe your skin.
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