Prokop Divis lightning rod designs

PUREFIJI - Prokop Divis lightning rod designs    Prokop Divis, priest and physicist constructs "weather machine" known as the lightning rod. Unlike Franklin's lightning rod grounded Diviš

Already during his tenure in Louka Monastery Divis he dealt Hydrotechnology and built several water mains. After he moved to Přímětická rectory, set up a small laboratory here and became interested in static electricity. He constructed a device "electrum," which consisted of a glass ball in the stand, at which rotational friction and gaining power. With this device perform simple electrostatic experiments. When they began to realize that lightning is actually a huge electrical spark and that the charge could be sucked out of the clouds and lead the country.

For this purpose, constructed and June 15, 1754 erected a lightning rod, called "weather machines." It was a system of 400 metal spikes associated with the earth, which had to extract electricity from the cloud and reduce the risk of lightning.
Her observations V. P. Divis with every storm. Their results shipped to Prague Professor Sorinkinovi. He wrote their conclusions in an extensive treatise "Magia naturalis" (On the nature of atmospheric electricity) and dedicated to Empress Maria Theresa. The principle of his invention of the Divis verified even when visiting the imperial court, where, using spikes concealed in his wig disturbing experiments physicists court.

In 1759 it affected the whole of Central Europe an unprecedented drought. In Přímětice However, the villagers believed that the true cause of the drought is Diviš lightning which scatters the clouds. Therefore, in March 1760 they broke into the rectory garden Přímětice, loosen the grounding chains and the whole structure of the lightning torn down and destroyed. Fortunately Divis left a detailed description in his treatise "Descriptio Machinae meteorologicae".

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