Soap Dish for Fiji

A ceramic soap stand with the Handmade Paper soap.
Art.No.: M-M-CC
Discontinued product
Soap Dish for Fiji

Ceramic soap dish with natural coconut soap wrapped in handmade paper.

By purchasing this gift you will contribute to the development of the school located in the small Fiji village Natovi, which was damaged by the cyclone Winston in 2016.

We visited Natovi during our business trip to the Pure Fiji workshop. The moment we came to this small seaside village, local children welcomed us with singing and smiling from ear to ear. The welcoming ceremony was very emotional, we felt honesty, purity and great joy of living. For us it was really an experience to remember.

The founders of Pure Fiji Gaetane and Andrey have been helping Natovi and the children to rebuild not only the local school and its facilities but also home for many years. We as one of the distributors of Pure Fiji products feel the need to contribute to the local community for the unique cosmetics they produce.

That is why we came up with the project Soap Dish for Fiji and decided with your help to raise some money needed in Natovi for things such as educational materials, new books for the local library, fans or new school uniforms for children. The proceeds from the sale of these soap dishes will be sent to Natovi for its development. 

By purchasing this product you will also support Fijian people from Namosi Highlands, where local women make by hand the paper used for wrapping the coconut soap.

The final amount of raised money will be announced on Facebook @purefijieu, Instagram @purefijicz and in February 2020.

Soap Dish for Fiji is a lovely scented gift that will make your day.


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