Roller Ball 10ml Noni

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Roller Ball 10ml Noni

Unlike your tiny travel shampoo or your TSA-safe micro-tube of toothpaste, there's something low-key and sexy about a rollerball fragrance. More than just a carry-on essential, you can slip a skinny glass bottle into the side pocket of any purse for an instant refresh anytime, anywhere. Exotically simple with the signature quality of Pure Fiji this alcohol-free roller ball transports you to a place that’s natural, beautiful, and pure leaving you coming back for more.

Key ingredients

Organic oil blend (cold pressed virgin coconut oil, macadamia, dilo and sikeci oil).


  • Perfect for summer or when you just want to escape to a tropical destination in your dreams.
  • Rolling it on is like adorning yourself with a lei. Easily apply to pulse points on wrists, neck, and decollate. Also doubles up as a cuticle oil!
  • Nourishes skin without being greasy or drying.


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