Nourishing Face Mask Papaya 15ml

Art.No.: FS-PEEEM-15 Product number: 1552
Discontinued product
Nourishing Face Mask Papaya 15ml

Highly effective mask ia excellent for face parts with a higher concentration of dead skin cells, which helps to gently remove, using highly effective fruit and papaya enzymes. This mask is a natural alternative to chemical peeling. The result is a unified tone of skin and brightening the entire face.


Pineapple extract - fruit enzymes naturally cleans and brightens the skin and helps remove dead cells and dirt in the skin. Papaya Extract - A small amount of fruit-based papaya enzymes with a natural cleansing and brightening effect removes dead skin and dirt from the skin. Pure Fiji antioxidant botanical blend - extra virgin coconut oil, dilo oil, sikeci oil, macadamia oil and passion fruit extract.


Fantastic for sensitive skin. Enzymes do not cause a change in color or pigment. It hydrates and protects new skin cells. Natural regulator of sebum. Suitable for skin with visible signs of photo-aging, for unevenly toned skin, wrinkles and for dry skin.

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